Zine of Student Writing

Calling Out Racism & Sexism

yea, she’s the light skinned one
by Amira Soubiane

Battle of the Sexes

Bias Surrounding Women in the Sports Broadcasting Profession
by Kari Cunard

Bitches Ain’t Shit
by Francesca

Observing Bodies in Motion

Social Awkwardness
by Robyn Weiner

Modeling Diaries
by Jessica Wynn

Hidden… Until it’s Too Late
by Kat

Confronting Violence

From the keep of the well-closed doors

Violence…Diffusion of Responsibility. HUMANITY
by Sarah King

Realizing Interdependence

The Declaration of Interdependence
by Rachel Marx

Life Makes Us
by Traci Carson

Unintelligibility in Identity

One World
by Grace (Hye)

Imagining Other Possibilities

someday over the rainbow

The Possibility of Gender Equality
by Jenna Moen


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