Student Blogs


Gender Off the Record
“how masculine stereotypes are found to fail the general eye of the public much more than people believe”

Look What She Did
“I want everyone to be able to talk about gender roles in relation to race”

“to establish a positive energy among young adults that encourages confidence in expressing individuality, no matter male or female, or somewhere in between”

“a testament to the perpetuation of the feminist spirit”

Prototypical Bro
“enjoy the prototypical lax bros guide to being a prototypical lax bro”

“will have to do with gender but I really don’t have a clue in what direction it will go”


True Words Now
“Title Nine doesn’t even begin to create fairness between girls and boys sports”

Battle of the Sexes
“An observation of the social views and expectations of gender in athletics”

Strong Is the New Beautiful
“to INSPIRE other women and girls, like myself, that have a burning passion for sport, and an appreciation for hard work”


In One Ear & Out The Other
“Music, gender, and everything in between”

Peace, Love, Music
“what kind of everyday gender issues are seen through music”

The Bass and the Movement
“how gender is portrayed in music”

Visual Culture

Funny Little Film Freak
“the receptacle for all my film knowledge and love that I feel must be shared with the world”

Those Who Watch
“People watching: we all do it, we all love it and whether we realize it or not, the main factor of our judgments are gender related”

Free My Eyes
“a chronicle of what i see…to free my eyes of judgment”

Perceived Pretty
“on beauty, true beauty, and what is only perceived as pretty”

Food & Drink

Will Blog for Food
“exploring different foods, restaurants, and etiquettes, maybe even gaining a few pounds on the way”

partyin’ partyin’ yeah
“look at the social norms and gender expectations associated with the night life at Pitt”


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